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My architecturally inspired designs are hand built in my Plymouth studio using a mix of different clays. My early influences were the engine houses of the Cornish Mining industry and they continue to be a large part of my work. Each piece stands alone or as part of a collective just like the communities that are part of the textured fabric of the Westcountry landscape. Over the last few years I have also been developing simple functional tableware for the home, pieces that my family use every day.

If you love landscapes then my creations will bring the heritage of the outdoors into your world.

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About me

I specialise in bespoke, handbuilt pottery working in stoneware and terracotta. I make simple dinnerware that my family and I use every day including cups, bowls and plates and other functional pieces such as vases, lanterns and soapdishes. Inspired by the seasonal colours and textures of the surrounding landscape of the Westcountry I live and work in Plymouth.

There are things to buy here but if you would like something a little more bespoke then please contact me. If you would like to be kept updated with product updates and events then please subscribe below.

Thank you so much for visiting my website and joining me in my journey.

Jane x


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